The Cooperative Playgroup is on hold until further notice. Please contact us for any new scheduling information.



Welcome to our Cooperative Playgroup At Imagination Station Preschool


  Our Play Group is set up to consist of ten children ages 12 months to 22 months AND walking. If you are interested in joining our program, you can access our enrollment form at the bottom of this page!

  When: Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. during the summer

  Where: In one of our preschool rooms set-up with age-appropriate toys.

  Cost: $80.00 per session due at time of enrollment.  NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED

  How: This playgroup is run by Imagination Station Preschool at The Pink Church.  We will provide a staff member to stay with your children and each parent will take turns volunteering for one session.  Every 8th week it will be your turn to volunteer.   During their time here, children will play in our toddler- designed classroom with kitchen play equipment, toys, arts and crafts, blocks, story time, music and singing. This age group is all about socialization with other children while learning to play separately from mom…….And letting mom get some free time!  Class sizes are limited.